Birthday Party Decorations Rose Gold Decor Strung Banner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) & 14PC Helium Balloons w/Ribbon Kit Set Supplies (Any Birthday) - B07CYPCFFS

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  • ✅ROSE GOLD BIRTHDAY FOR A STAR: From her 2nd Birthday to her Sweet Sixteen; Her 50th to her 70th, it’s obvious girls of all ages adore Rose Gold. So you can hang this 15 piece Rose Gold Decorations Set [The YouParty Rose Gold Birthday Star Bundle] knowing that your birthday girl is going to love it!

  • ✅PREMIUM GRADE DECORATIONS: Unlike some different quality party suppliers, we won’t forget to pack birthday letters in your order, because your Happy Birthday banner comes prestrung! Your Birthday Star Bundle includes Fourteen [14] thick Premium Grade balloons: 8 Latex Rose Gold, 4 pre-filled Confetti, 2 Foil Stars and 14 x 1.5m pieces of Gold Ribbon for hanging. All Balloons accept air and helium.

  • ✅AFFORDABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Perhaps you love our Star Bundle for an up-coming event… but not the Birthday part? We understand, because this star studded rose gold combo is perfect for prom balloons, bridal shower decorations, and wedding balloons too. Our bundle has the best value balloons you’ve seen today, so you can decorate your next event in our Star Bundle balloons, and gift the banner away.

  • ✅EASY TO HANG: Your extra large Happy Birthday banner is 3m long, and very easy to hang. The rose gold and confetti balloons are 12”, and the 2 star balloons are 14” and also easy to use. Now, some people call them blush balloons, peach balloons, and mistakingly champagne balloon! But make no mistake, these are definitely NOT pink balloons! In fact, this is rich rose gold we’ve all come to love.

  • ✅THE YOUPARTY GUARANTEE: Expect your banner to arrive as we promised, pre-strung undamaged, and without missing letters. And expect your balloons to be free from holes. Love your Rose Gold Birthday Star Bundle (…take lots of pics) or we’ll refund every cent. No questions asked! So why not order now.

  • The YouParty Rose Gold Birthday Star Bundle is undoubtedly the cutest way to celebrate the superstar in your life! And with the pre-strung banner, you can celebrate how easy and fast it is to hang too!

    The Rose Gold, Birthday Star Bundle - Rose Gold Birthday Decorations by YouParty

    • 8x Latex Rose Gold Balloon
    • 4x Clear Latex Confetti Balloons, Pre-filled with rose gold confetti
    • 2x Foil Star Balloons to add to your star decorations
    • All balloons suitable for inflation by air, helium or mouth.
    • Extra large HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner - 3m long in rose gold, pre-strung
    • 14 pieces of gold curling ribbon
    • Fast and easy to hang
    • Love it or we’ll refund every cent - no questions asked.

    This bundle is the most quality matched with value, set you’ve found on your search. So go ahead and use the balloons for wedding, prom or rose gold bridal shower decorations, and gift the banner away.

    … But Let’s Address The Elephant In the Room - Quality.

    The biggest frustration about birthday party decorations online is that they often show up with missing letters and numbers, damaged or unable to float. If you’re anything like us, you love the satisfaction of a party that goes off without a hitch. So we use only thick premium-grade latex and mylar, delivered with care. And while we can’t say you won’t find that one in a million balloon that had a bad day, we can promise there will be no missing letters.No YAPPY BIRT’s here!

    And of course, we will always send a replacement ASAP, or refund your purchase. We don’t like a spoiled party either, so check your delivery the moment it arrives. Love your Birthday Star Bundle knowing that you and your rose gold backdrop will be the star of the show! Order now.

    Birthday Party Decorations Rose Gold Decor Strung Banner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) & 14PC Helium Balloons w/Ribbon Kit Set Supplies (Any Birthday) - B07CYPCFFS

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