Bundle Boards Baby Shower Guessing Game and Keepsake - B0134F19KC

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  • Main event at a baby shower or a played for 9 months

  • Up to 60 Players (11 x 17 when opened)

  • Fits perfectly in a frame as a treasured keepsake

  • What you have in front of you is a one of a kind, Baby Statistics Guessing Game and Keepsake that encompasses the celebration of new life. Everyone everywhere plays this guessing game but now you can offer it to them in a tangible form that is sure to be the main event of a baby shower or sprinkle and enjoyed by friends and family the entire time they are awaiting a baby-to-be. The combination of our beautiful designs and the game board that display participants guessing every detail (i.e. gender (if unknown), weight, birth date etc.) of an expected baby, babies or their arrival captures the sweetness and excitement that surrounds the most amazing time in one's life. The best part is when the baby arrives and the results/winner are revealed by seeing who guessed the closest to the actual statistics. Frame able and so unique this keepsake will be treasured for a lifetime. Begin their story with a Bundle Board because If a bundle of joy is on the way, a Bundle Board is what you play.

    Bundle Boards Baby Shower Guessing Game and Keepsake - B0134F19KC

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