Fortnite 2" Cupcake Edible Topper Images Set of 12 - B07G7T2LWD

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  • Easy to use -- simply peel from backing and place on top of frosted treat.

  • Kosher, Gluten and Soy FREE! No known allergens. No peanut products added. High quality frosting sheets, and high quality edible ink, also certified Kosher

  • Please note: Characters in my images are FREE. You are paying for my services in creating, customizing, and printing your image on edible paper for your own personal use. Images remain the property of their respective copyright holders and may not be resold.


  • Please contact me if you have an issue before leaving feedback. I will do my best to resolve your issue.

  • These cupcake toppers measure 2 inches each. There are 12 images per sheet that are pre-cut. Simply roll the backing, peel them off gently, and lay the images on top of your frosted treats (white frosting is recommended for best results). All images are FDA approved. I will ship your image the same day as payment is made, providing my Post Office is still open. Otherwise, I will send first thing the next morning. First Class Mail - 3-6 business days Expedited Mail - 1-3 business days These are estimated only. Sunday is NOT a business day. Thank you for stopping by!

    Fortnite 2" Cupcake Edible Topper Images Set of 12 - B07G7T2LWD

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