Nuluphu Sky Lanterns 10 Pack -100% Biodegradable (Blue) - B078577H1P

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  • Made from organic materials, flame resistant, no hazardous, fully assembled

  • Fly up around one mile high

  • Easy to light, one piece lantern, 3"x3" fuel cell already attached

  • Weeding, birthday or other celebration for day or night entertainment,

  • Perfect for holiday decoration 

  • Sky lanterns represents wish, peace, and miss. Has a romantic atmosphere when it fly to sky.
    Give your wedding, birthday party, festival or any other event a memorable celebration. Stylish and elegantly designed, they are suitable for many events and can be decorated or drawn on.
    Light your lantern, make a wish and watch it go up into the evening sky.
    Sky Lanterns, or as some call them UFO Balloons will fly up to one mile high, and travel for miles in whatever direction the wind decides.
    Sky Lanterns run until the fuel source dies out and they gently float to the ground. They are very easy to light, easy to use, and there is no assembly required.
    Sky Lanterns are made from organic materials and are biodegradable so there are no worries for the environment. Sky Lanterns are a huge hit for any occasion and can be used for day or night entertainment

    Nuluphu Sky Lanterns 10 Pack -100% Biodegradable (Blue) - B078577H1P

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