Rose Gold Bachelorette Party Decorations Rose Gold Bridal Shower Set: Veil Heart & BRIDE Foil Balloons Bride to Be Sash Confetti & Latex Balloons Ring Confetti Selfie Curtain Bachelorette Decor - B07CWLZX8C

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Product Code: B07CWLZX8C
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  • ❤ Best Rose Gold Packet❤

  • ❤ Confetti balloons and bonus balloons added just for you!❤

  • ❤ Classy, Chic, and Completely Rose Gold!❤

  • ❤ 1pcs Rose Gold Heart Foil Balloon, about 18in. ❤ 4pcs Rose Gold Confetti Balloons, about 12in. ❤ 1 set Rose Gold BRIDE Letter Foil Balloons, about 16in. ❤ 8pcs Pearly White Latex Balloons, about 12 in. ❤ 1pcs Rose Gold Selfie Curtain, about 3.28ft*6.56ft ❤ 1pcs single layer “Bride to Be” Sash with rose gold foil printing, about 63 in.*3.75 in. ❤ 1pcs Veil, about 24 in.*31.5 in. ❤ 1bag of Silver Glitter Ring Confetti, about .5 lbs per bag ❤ Includes Inflation Straw ❤ All balloons can be used with air or helium; however, the letter balloons will not stay inflated as long with helium. ❤ Fun Tip: you can lightly rub the confetti balloons on carpet to create static electricity, which causes the confetti cling to the inside of the balloon.❤ Much love; happy smiles; chic shopping; rose gold dreams!

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