Sky Lanterns Chinese Paper Sky Flying Wishing Lantern Lamp Candle Party Wedding Wish (Kongming Wish Lanterns) (White) (20) - B07GQRVH42

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  • MEANINGFUL STORY: Chinese Paper Lanterns are also known as wish lanterns or sky lantern or Kongming Lantern, It is said they were invented by a hero whose name was Kongming. you can draw pictures, write your personal messages, wishes or your lover’s name on the wishing lantern. Don't forget to make a wish when Chinese wishing paper lanterns fly to sky, it is said that it will achieve your dream.

  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: This premium white Kongming wishing fire laterns are made of fire resistant biodegradable paper, which is friendly to environment.

  • WIDE APPLICATION, QUANTITY AND COLOR: Color: white. 50 pack Chinese Paper wishing Lanterns are ideal for wedding, holiday, birthday, camping and other celebrations parties. It is also perfect as Christmas gift for children.

  • DIMENSION AND SHAPE: Its dimension is (15 x 13.8 x 3.9)" / (38 x 35 x 10)cm (L x W x H). Shape: oval.

  • CAUTION: Consult with your local fire marshall to ensure flying sky lanterns are permitted in your area. You should use these wish lanterns in open air in order to keep safe.

  • Product Description:

    Please review the following rules and guidelines below:

  • Choose an open windless area to fly your lantern. Stay away from flammable objects, tall buildings, and airports when using the Sky Lanterns. Look for places with open, uncovered skies when flying, and only use Sky Lanterns that are made from fire resistant materials
  • Never fly your Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.
  • Keep Sky Lanterns away from children unless properly supervised by adults.
  • The Sky Lanterns can only be used with the accompanying fuel cell, DO NOT try to replace with other flammable objects.
  • Sky Lanterns should be allowed to fly freely once they are fully lit, DO NOT hold it down for long periods of time.
  • DO NOT hang anything under the Sky Lantern.
  • Never allow others, or yourself to handle sky lanterns while under the influence.
  • For safety precautions wear fire resistant clothing when handling Sky Lanterns. Please keep a fire extinguisher present when using Sky Lanterns in case of emergencies.
  • Do not use Sky Lanterns that have been damaged or torn.

    Sky Lanterns have been used to add meaning to special events for centuries!
    These paper lanterns use the heat from a small flame to lift into the air,
    creating a magical effect as they float into the night sky. Originating in Asia,
    the breathtaking, dramatic look of Sky Lanterns has made them popular at festivals,
    weddings, and other occasions. Although this tradition is hundreds of years old,
    there are still events around the world where entire communities come together to release hundreds of Sky Lanterns all at once,
    whether to celebrate holidays or to commemorate memorials.
    Many believe that if you write a wish on a Sky Lantern and release it into the sky, your wish may come true!

    Sky Lanterns Chinese Paper Sky Flying Wishing Lantern Lamp Candle Party Wedding Wish (Kongming Wish Lanterns) (White) (20) - B07GQRVH42

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