When Caitlin Sanders asked me to participate in this blog tour, I agreed without really thinking about it.  Then I remembered that I’ve been having writer’s block all summer.  I guess this is a good way to get the juices flowing again while I connect with other lovers of the written word.  So here goes! 

TAG … You’re IT!  (Here are the bloggers that took me up on the invitation to join this tour. I’m sharing them one at a time as they post.  If you haven’t read my blog post yet, just keep scrolling!)

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ElizabethCottrellElizabeth H. Cottrell is a natural Connector, and the way she took on this challenge proves it. She not only heart-fully answered the questions posed in the Writing about Writing blog tour, she gives us a couple awesome writing resources & connections at the same time.  Find those and more at Elizabeth’s HeartSpoken blog.

I love Elizabeth’s writing, and as another natural Connector, I find her topics both inspiring and very close to my own heart.  And, since Elizabeth has invited me to become a guest blogger on her site, I hope to be Speaking my own Heart there soon!

(Here’s what I learned about Elizabeth after asking her to be part of this tour.  She’s a freelance writer & blogger … a master connector & encourager … a former leprosy researcher … a bank board member & community activist … an Extra Class amateur radio operator … and a note-writing evangelist.  Wow!

You can connect with her through Heartspoken.com and SmallBizSpoken.com, where she teaches how to harness the power of Connection in both personal and professional life.

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teri.pgWhen I put this challenge out to the Creative Unbootcamp writing group hosted by prolific writer-sage, Jacob Nordby, Teri Connolly with The Soul Traveler was one of the first to reply.  Seems she’s also been a bit stalled in her writing, and this was a good catalyst to get flowing again.

Teri calls herself a new writer, having recently decided that her natural ability as a master storyteller can translate well to the written word.  She is also a change maker, founder of Sacred Star Soul Connections and a Soul Whisperer (my title for the work she does) … if you’d like to discover the joy of strengthening and reconnecting your relationship with your Soul, head over to The Soul Traveler site.

Teri loves the life she lives under the big blue skies of Montana.  You can find her blog about writing HERE.  

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susanAnother Facebook and Creative Unbootcamp Friend, Susan Arthur, wrote a lovely post on writing for our blog tour … and I was so delighted by the front page of her blog, “Freezerburned: This is a work in progress, just like me”, that I’m pointing you there.

Click the snapshot for the Writing about Writing blog and if you have time, see which other pieces from her portfolio speak to you.  I find Susan’s writing playful, real, and adventurous.   Thanks for joining the tour, Susan!

P.S. There’s a ton of writing talent in the Creative Unbootcamp group, so if you’re reading this and want to meet some cool writing peeps while getting your butt kicked into writing gear, click that link above and join Jacob’s upcoming camp experience (starts 9/11). I’m going in for a repeat.

(Here’s my entry for the Blog tour…)


Why do I write what I write … and, what is my writing process? Writing has always been my favorite way to share, and more recently, it’s becoming the best way for me to Listen.  As I open my heart and mind, place my fingers on the keyboard, I’m sometimes surprised by the words that begin to flow.  Sometimes I’ll start with hand-written pages; other times, I come back from my morning walk with an image, phrase, or entire post ready to type. It seems my fingers love to fly on the keyboard more than they enjoy holding a pen. When I’m experiencing some sort of block, as I have been this summer, it’s usually because I haven’t created enough space, or that I’ve filled the space with too many other things.  But I always find my way back to writing, simply because I must.

Writing helps move my inner journey outward so it doesn’t keep spinning around inside.  It keeps my creative waters from growing stagnant.  It’s like turning on a faucet to allow the water to pour into some sort of use.  Perhaps it will just run down the drain, clean things out.  Maybe it will fill someone’s cup, or overflow from them into someone who’s even more thirsty.

I believe we’re all thirsty.  Writing taps the spring of inspiration and puts it into a cup so others can drink.  As I allow words to pour, my own cup stays full.  As YOU come to drink, my cup overflows.  Sharing is like that for me.

I would love to know that my writing has ignited a flame in someone’s heart, but I also write simply for me.  I write to remind myself that this is a truly miraculous world, filled with beauty, love, kindness, playful moments that take our breath away.

And I write when I can no longer breathe and need to figure out why. I forgot last year and went into a rather deep depression.  (Begin Again is one of my favorite posts about starting to write again; it not only got me writing, it also got me shining again.)

* * *

What am I working on, and how does my work differ from others in this genre? I started my inspiration blog in 2009 as a way to share my evolving journey, and I’ve recently been creating e-books from some of the articles.  My writing is getting more vulnerable and open, and it often has both a simple and poetic feel.  My heart speaks to me that way.

I also love writing about people who inspire me, as I’m doing in my Beacons posts.

The SHINE e-book collections, and a collection of my poetry, will be available through the Shine Connection’s Treasure Chest starting in September.  I hope you’ll drop by soon to check out the treasures and our new Miracle Activators program.

And keep writing … even if it’s simply for you!

With a special glow from my heart to yours,  ~Shining Sor’a