The “I” within the Storm


Stillness is HERE, in the Center of it All.

How does it feel
to be a leaf on the winds of change
swirling playfully
as you are danced along your way?

What is it like
inside the eye of the storm
as chaos reigns
surrounding you in life’s flurry?

The bees are busy pollinating…
scents of new life
are erupting all around.

This is the Way of springtime.

Sit still inside the whirl as you
listen for the direction
your Soul is calling.

Then allow the currents
to move you gently
(or toss you in one big gust)
down the path of your awakening.

Trust this: you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Now breathe in gratitude, and
breathe out a great gust of JOY.

There is no place to go,
nothing to do.

Stay simple.
Allow peace to find you.

BE the “I” in your own storm
of daily living.

Hearts Breaking Open

passion-centerMy heart is breaking,
tears falling from eyes that see
barely a glimpse
of a world gone crazy
(or perhaps numb)
from something worse
than lack of compassion:
the very REAL poverty
of leading a too-busy life.

Lack of attention can be worse than ignorance.

And yet my heart breaks OPEN
as eyes wide in wonder
are astonished by wo/men
gathering to create a new story:
hearts united to raise awareness
for a new expansive wave of change.

Every drop of attention creates a wave of possibility.

Every caring-sharing-compassionate heart
holds a story for a new world.

Will you be one to carry the Torch for a new humanity?

Finding YOUR Miracle Keys

The Angel and the Keepers, an excerpt from The Miracle Keys: A Conversation with an Angel … I invite you to read this poem aloud and let it glow in you. -Shining Sor’a


I stand in humble grace
as each Keeper takes her place
unlocking another part of me
within this holy embrace.

Forgiveness flows through every part
her message deep within my heart
the freedom comes within the giving
to every thing, a fresh new start.

Laughter dances all around me
opening my mind with a touch of glee
innocence is thus revealed
the inner smile to never flee.

angel-heart2Belief and Trust with Faith combine
to reveal the inner Gift divine
inner treasures unlock with these
encouraged now to simply shine.

Gratitude then takes her place
surrounding the rest, opening space
and here is where the choir begins
returning all to eternal grace.

Now comes Stillness, a sacred art
she brings heaven to earth, mind to heart
weaving her deep and lasting Love
forever together, never apart.

Always remember: the miracle is IN you.

Choose to BE Love


All you need is Love. Love is all you need. -The Beatles


To have love is not the Answer.

Let Love have you.
It will change your world.

This little whisper flew from my finger tips today. Perhaps from yesterday’s storm of love notes for a day that is normally focused on a different kind of love. The kind that can separate and leave people feeling alone.

The Love I’m talking about takes more than a day to celebrate. It lasts a lifetime and you only find it after years of courting your own heart. Or maybe it just seems that way.

Why do we make Being in Love such a outer thing? It’s not. When we give our life to Love, it’s a commitment to live in alignment with the Soul. And this is a devotion beyond what you might find in any relationship here on earth.

Are you willing to let Love have you?

It hit me like a Vision

This poem was inspired from a song by Colbie Caillant, Brighter than the Sun. I wrote it before a possibility session with one of my vision-partners and had forgotten about it … but when I found it in my journal today, it made me smile. So I decided to share. Sing along if you know the song, though I can’t claim to have kept to the original tune. 🙂

indras-net3Don’t blink or you might miss it
When it strikes please don’t dismiss it
When it strikes be sure to claim it
This Lighting of your Dream.

Fate will have its way with you
You’ll find one day it calls to you
And here is what is right for you
This Lighting of your Dream.

Let us be like stars, falling from the sky
Shining as we are, bright lights you and I.

This is how it starts—a Lighting of the heart
An opening to the Soul that is brighter than the sun.
And this is how it grows—the spark between us glows
The spark becomes a flame and it’s brighter than before.

So let us rise as stars, lighting up the sky
Shining as we grow, together you and I.

It’s time to take our place. It’s time to claim our part.
It’s time to turn the tides. Together, now … it’s time.

Whispers of Becoming

cave-quoteThey are always calling to you.

The simple nudges to slow down,
take a slightly different path
…the one that leads you deeper
into the cave of your heart.

This is where the majesty waits.
The amazement, really,
of a life lived only for the journey
of becoming exactly YOU.

Turn away from the crowded streets
where the music of the masses
covers the pure note of your Soul.

Listen carefully for your own song
…and sing it loud and clear.

Pssst. You … Yes, YOU!

vasi-flowMy beautiful friend & vision-partner, Vasi Huntalas, wrote a poem that is a perfect Miracle Whisper for Now, as the calendar turns and each of us rises into a new possibility for what is emerging through this One Life that is ours.

I am continuing to listen to the whispers, and to turn my focus inward as I allow these new energies to simmer. It’s important to keep nurturing & strengthening our roots so they will be strong and vital to support what is ready to grow…and to FLOW into our lives this coming year.

Imagine the most expansive possibility rising as you say YES to being exactly YOU. (Yes, YOU)

Thank you, dear Vasi, for bringing this through! (more…)

Welcome the New. Respect the Old.


My New Year entered with a whimper. I wasn’t in much of a party mood and was getting irritated by the whole ‘ring in the New Year and make it your best EVER’ announcements, so I unplugged for a couple days and did what I always do when I’m overwhelmed, under-joyed, and exhausted from the trials of life. I cleared clutter and opened space, sat quietly and moved gently, and eventually just allowed the tears to flow.

It’s amazing, really, how fast the emotions move through when you just give them space.

It’s been a rather complicated few months. Yes, my “Month of Miracles” adventure to Europe was incredible. And the 11-11-11 launch of my new book, The Miracle Keys, was a lot of fun. But woven just beneath the surface of those happy life events, my husband and I are going through one of our roughest times ever.

Friends with cancer, a child in distress, and parents losing their minds. (more…)

Twas the week before Christmas…

I wrote this poem in 2009 and it’s become an annual tradition to share it at this time of year. Here’s a printable version to share & read aloud with your family, and I encourage you to shine this poem out to others this & any year.


Twas the week before Christmas
And all across Earth
Many humans were preparing
(some with joy and great mirth)

To honor the birth of a being so bright,
That His life is still honored by many, this night.
While most have forgotten the depth of His love,
it showers unending from Heaven above.



The grace of His Presence is a gift beyond measure,
as He teaches compassion, and this simple treasure:
that God’s Love is boundless, and each of us living
is blessed with the miracle of eternal forgiving.

So, whatever your Faith, your traditions or belief,
May you find yourself showered with a sense of great peace.
And as you rejoice in a time sacred and True,
Remember, as always, to let God S-H-I-N-E through YOU.

May you be blessed and know the Holy in this season, and all year through.
~Shining Sor’a

Be Still and Know … YOU are a miracle

rippleWhat happened to the quiet ripple
of one small act of kindness…
or the silent breath of awe
kept to oneself, not shared
on social media, caught on camera
or completely missed
because you were gazing through
some other lens besides your heart?

hummingbirdSlow down. Life was never meant
to be a race to the finish.
Your miracle is waiting
in the deep pool of quiet.

Linger here, in the cave
of your heart. Open wide
this vast reservoir of Good
that lives in you.


The biggest treasure hunt always starts within.

Hustle & Bustle used to visit during this holiday time of year. Now, they appear to be constant companions for most of us in an ever-rising tide of chaotic living.

I was beginning to get a little (ok, a LOT) caught up in the busyness of all the possibilities and opportunities and imaginings and “things-I-almost-always-do-do-do” at this festive time of year that my head was beginning to spin with more than sugarplums and fairies.

Then I got quiet. Gratefully quiet. Radiantly quiet. (more…)