How Bright is Your Glow?

 A playful and enLightening Survey of Radiant Beaconing

Use your intuition and your inner radi-ometer to answer the following questions.  If you need help, ask a friend or coworker for input, since they’ll likely have a more vivid visual of your current glowingness. No need to keep track of your score.  The answers are already within you, and this is just a reminder to let out some of that natural shine!


__ Are people attracted to your brilliance, like a moth to a flame?

__ Does your heart soar with joy at a sunrise, a baby’s smile, or a special song…even though you’re taking out the trash with a cold, not to mention having a bad hair day?

__ Do you do cartwheels at the idea of being in the presence of other Radiant Beacons?


__ Do people remark that you are an inspiration, a beacon of purposeful passion?

__ Are you often seen reaching out a hand or shining light to help others find their way?

__ Is your heart glowing with delight at the prospect of helping others ignite & sustain their brilliance?


__ Does the idea of living your passion & purpose both thrill and overwhelm you?

__ Might your brilliance shine through more easily in the company of other kindred souls who will support your to keep your flame alight?

__ Are you smiling brightly at the thought of a network of Radiant Beacons lighting the world with their brilliance?


__ Have you forgotten where you’re going & do you sometimes stub your toes in the dark?

__ Are you close to giving up on finding purpose and passion in life, being a bit tired of having to work so hard just to keep your head above water?

__ Did you once upon a time believe that each of us can be a brilliant light for others and that you, too, are a shining star?


__ Are you finding all this talk about “being radiant” is making you sleepy & you’re wondering … “where is my blankey anyhow?”

__ Does the idea of being brought into your own light make you feel lightheaded & queasy?

__ Did someone forget to mention that life is an adventure and we’re all put on earth to learn how to glow?

Are you smiling yet?   Here are some Answers.  Permission to laugh out loud is also granted.