Hello Bright Star!  I’m Sor’a Garrett, and I do see your brilliance.  

Who I am…
A visionary-creator & possibility ignitor with a touch of poetic heArtist and soul whisperer.  I love seeing the bright spark in you and coaxing it into a full flame.

How I help YOU…
As Possibility Ignitor: Together we will imagine your most miraculous life…then I will give you ideas-connections-resources to help you create it.

As Mentor & Guide: Tell me what you love…I will help you become more of who you are.

As Writer & Muse: When you forget what’s important…I’ll remind you of the miraculous & help you connect to the always present, everyday wonders of life.

As Miracle Catalyst: I will help you believe…as we join together to create real change for our world.

I know it’s easy to be on overwhelm and lose some of our natural shine in this fast-paced world. As a highly creative & sensitive person, I’ve had lots of practice finding the right balance. Which is part of the reason I love reminding you (and me) to slow down and pay attention to the wonders of life.

I believe we are a true Gift for others when we simply show up in our full magnificence, which is not about becoming anything different than we already are.  So I’m also here to remind you to simply BE your shining self, to inspire you to keep glowing through all the natural ups & downs of life … and to give you practical tips to simplify your life and align it with your natural creative flow.

I also believe a S-H-I-F-T (another word for Miracle) is needed.  It’s easy to become burnt out from over-giving or giving to the wrong things.  It’s time to celebrate our mutual brilliance and put our collective S-H-I-N-E to use in a joyful, simple way.

We’re here to be beacons for the world around us, not to wonder how we can possibly make a difference. When we show up for one another, calling forth the wisdom that lives within, miracles flow.

So let’s plant some seeds of positivity, belief, and joyful-generous living … and open to receiving a few miracles too!

Come believe with me! 

~Shining Sor’a




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