The ultimate Treasure is YOU shining brightly … and here are a few resources to help!

The Miracle Keys

Part conversation with an angel, and part an authentic conversation from the author’s heart, you’ll love reading and sharing this delightful story.

Available through Amazon as a beautiful print book (great gift item) or as an ePub (if you can’t wait) … with 11% of all profits received flowing to our Everyday Miracle Fund.

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Silent Grace
SG_EBook Front

A Collection of Poetry and Reflections on the Art of Becoming. You’ll love the simple eloquence of this unique combination of Sora’s poetry and her depth of spiritual insight.

With beautiful photo-art of Daniel Franks, this is a beautiful gift or coffee table book. Linger here as your heart opens to the mystery.

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Your Inner Star

Welcome to the land of The Radiant Being, where YOU are the bright star of your life and this book is the fuel to keep you glowing.

This playful guide introduces you to the Inner Star model, then leads you through a discovery process with activities for: connecting with your essential purpose, creating a vivid vision, transforming vision into aligned action, awakening awareness, living in gratitude, and moving on from the past.

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Reveal Your Brilliance
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 One Circle at a Time
A Movement of Grassroots Giving


In Search of Miracles
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